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Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Refinishing Services

Hardwood flooring is inherently designed to stand the test of time, but keeping your hardwood in perfect form requires a degree of dedication on your part, as well as the occasional professional intervention. While everyday wear-and-tear is to be expected, we can help you bring your old hardwood back to its original luster! At Carpet One Floor & Home of New Bern, NC we’re more than just a flooring store: we’re here to keep your hardwood healthy over the long term. Here for all of your hardwood refinishing needs, our skilled craftsmen can help you repair your tired, faded floors, giving them bold new look.




Options for Hardwood Refinishing

Are you looking to revamp your hardwood floors? There are several options for hardwood refinishing. Buffing is one of the simpler solutions, as it removes scratches and small gouges from your floor’s surface. Also referred to as screening, buffing uses a special tool to restore your top surface. The application of a low-VOC water-based finish, or a polyurethane coating will add an additional layer of protection.


Does your floor need additional interventions? We recommend sanding and refinishing to handle more severe damages. This process involves the use of heavier tools, which returns your floor to its bare boards. From there, dents and cracks are filled in with wood-filler, and stain is applied. Sanding and refinishing is your best bet if you want to drastically alter your floor’s finish. We proudly offer sandless-refinishing as one of our many options.


Want to learn more about our professional hardwood refinishing services? Please call us today at (252) 649-2267.

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