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Hardwood in New Bern, NC

Hardwood floors give your home a warm, rich look and feel. Whether solid wood, or engineered, hardwood floors available today offer more durability and lower maintenance due to advanced finishing techniques. The true beauty of hardwood flooring lies in its natural character. From wide plank floors with a prominent grain and matte finish to high close stained wood, there is a hardwood floor that matches every home décor style.


The information on this page will help you determine the best hardwood options for your home. When you visit your local carpet store, a Carpet One Floor & Home Flooring Consultant can help you finalize your selection and ensure that your new floor will meet the needs of your space.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Features of Hardwood Flooring

Wood Species

There is a wide variety of both domestic and exotic species used in making hardwood floors. Some of the common species of wood found domestically include white oak, maple and cherry. They have less prominent grains and color variations. Hickory and red oak are also commonly used for hardwood flooring and offer a little more interest with prominent graining and board-to-board color variations. There are also exotic hardwoods, such as Brazilian cherry, Tigerwood, and Santos mahogany that offer unique grains, rich colors and high hardness ratings.




Plank Size

Hardwood is available in three basic categories based on the width of the plank. Floors that are 3” wide or narrower are considered strip, plank floors are those that fall between 3” and 5”, and wide plank floors are those that are 5” or wider. The widths of the boards can easily change the look of a room. Narrow planks are typical for a room with a more formal, traditional style, while wide planks convey a more casual, relaxed atmosphere.  





Everyone knows color is a crucial design element, and it’s no different in flooring. Darker stains can make a large space feel cozier and usually feel a bit more traditional. Lighter colors may make a room appear more casual. Stains can be used to change the color of natural wood while allowing the characteristics of the natural wood color to show through.




The luster – or gloss level – of your floor is another important attribute to consider. Some floors are available with a high gloss. These floors have a shine that works well in modern or formal spaces. If your home has a lot of traffic, remember that high luster floors are more likely to show footprints, scratches or scuffs. Low luster or low gloss floors are a popular choice and work well in more casual spaces. Marks and scratches are much less noticeable on these floors. If you’ve got kids, pets or lots of traffic on your floors, you may want to consider lower gloss finishes for your hardwood floors.


Why Hardwood Flooring

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Why should I choose hardwood?


Offering unrivaled beauty and richness, hardwood flooring has long been a symbol of style and strength. Coupled with modern milling and finishing techniques, today’s hardwood floors can suit any lifestyle and require far less maintenance than ever before. Our exclusive wood flooring brands, including Rustic River™ and Voyager™, offer a wide variety of colors, textures, species and styles, plus top performance technologies

What is the best hardwood for my room?

To ensure you select the best hardwood flooring that matches your lifestyle, budget and home design, take time to compare different hardwood floor types.



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