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Carpet Store in New Bern, NC

Carpeting is always in high style, bringing us everyday comfort, inviting textures, and vivid colors. At Carpet One Floor & Home of New Bern, NC, we’re proud to be the area’s leading carpeting experts and can help you navigate your many different options. With our ever-growing inventory of residential and commercial carpeting, we promise there’s a perfect product to suit your space, needs, and unique style. Shop our carpet selection online now!


Carpeting boasts many advantages and can readily be incorporated into looks both traditional and trendy. A new carpet can set the tone for your space while addressing everyday challenges like allergens, spills, and heavy foot traffic. Here are some things to consider as you shop for carpeting.




What are the Different Types of Carpeting?

Thanks to modern ingenuity, there are now thousands of carpeting options to choose from. This can make the prospect of picking just one overwhelming, but understanding your carpet’s fibers, or pile, will go a long way towards choosing a product that functions as needed. There are carpets made from both natural and synthetic fibers and each type boasts its own pros and cons. Level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush are the most common varieties. We also carry carpet remnants that make for perfect area rugs!




Carpet Fiber Types

Nylon carpeting is made from synthetic fibers, which are renowned for their extreme durability and softness. Nylon pile readily handles heavy usage and can withstand constant foot traffic, as well as sun-fading and stains. It can represent a sizable investment, but well worth it for active rooms, both residential and commercial.


Polyester carpeting is also made from synthetic pile, and it looks and feels much like nylon. More budget-friendly than the former, polyester carpets were once considered a shoddy product. Today, nothing could be further from the truth since recent innovations have given us polyester carpeting that is long-lasting and tough on stains.


Triexta carpeting is yet another synthetic product and is made specifically with heavy use in mind.  With its rough, patterned fibers, triexta readily hides footprints, dust, and stains. It’s a favorite for commercial flooring but also works excellently in homes with a high activity level.


Olefin/polypropylene carpeting is one of the softest, most luxurious synthetic products available today. With a texture similar to fine velvet fabric, olefin awes with its intricate patterns. However, this type of rug isn’t meant for heavy usage, so save these stunning products for quieter spaces.


Wool carpeting is woven from naturally sourced fibers and is seriously strong. Made by Mother Nature to last and last, wool carpets resist moisture and mold, provide excellent insulation, and hold tight to their colors.




Stain-Resistant Carpet Options

While no carpet is completely stain-proof, today’s technology has come a long way. Our products include stylish designs that are expertly crafted and made with stain-fighting fibers and treatments. Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and triexta are not only durable but also made to lock out spills. Stain treatment can coat the carpet’s surface, or they can be built into the carpet’s construction for protection that won’t wear off.


In addition to remarkably effective stain treatments, we also offer a huge selection of carpet styles, including colors, patterns, and textures that are ideal for disguising pet fur, dirt, debris, and blemishes between cleanings. We even have waterproof carpets, which are designed to block pet accidents and spills from reaching the carpet pad and subfloor and causing permanent damage.


Where Can Carpeting Be Installed?

Carpeting isn’t compatible with a bathroom or kitchen setting, but can otherwise go anywhere under your roof. Choose heavy-duty, resilient carpets for heavily treaded spots like hallways and stairs. Stain-resistant, pet-friendly carpeting will fare well in a family room or playroom. Of course, there are plenty of elegant weaves and plush piles that will add the “wow” factor to a formal living room or the master bedroom.



Our Carpet Selection

Carpet One Floor & Home of New Bern, NC is proud to be a member of the world’s largest independent carpeting cooperative. With our purchasing power shared with a thousand other member stores around the continent, we offer up unbelievable variety, as well as localized value and services. We carry many leading carpeting brands, including LEES, Oath by Resista, and Innovia. Visit us soon or call us today to learn more about your many carpeting choices.




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Caring for Carpeting

With these professional tips, we trust you’ll love your new carpeting for many years to come.




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