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What is the Best Type of Carpet? 

At Carpet One Floor & Home of New Bern, we only bring you the best quality carpets available. Carpet is among one of the top choices for homeowners when it comes to re-flooring their homes. It brings a sense of added comfort, as well as warmth to any space. Carpet can create a cozy and intimate space within your home.

What Type of Carpet Material is Best?

There are many components that each play a role in how a carpet looks and functions. The fibers are what the carpet in made out of and can determine its strength and performance. Fibers can be made from synthetic materials like nylon and polyester or natural materials like wool. Pile styles determine the density of your carpet as well as how it looks. Pile styles can be anywhere from cut and loop, to cut or loop. Even the base material plays a role in the strength of a carpet. You also want to choose a color of your carpet that compliments your home décor, brightens up a room, or even hides stains and pet fur.

We offer special carpet cleaning services for both new and old customers. Carpet cleaning can be done before or after a large event that you’re hosting, or just to freshen up your home. Stop by our showroom and speak with a professional about our carpet cleaning services.

Learn more below about carpet and be sure to stop by our Carpet One Floor & Home showroom in New Bern, NC and speak with a flooring expert about installing carpet in your home.


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Tigressa Carpet

Different Types of Carpet

Not all carpet is made the same. We explain the different options of carpet you can choose from, as well as how they are expected to perform in your home.

Carpet Types

Mowhawk Carpets

Mohawk carpets are one of our most popular selling carpets. They have options that suit the needs of just about every home, from stain protection to ultra-durable fibers. 

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